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Almost Perfect

Some days are damn near perfect; today was one of those days.

As hoped, this side trip detour of ours to Coyote Lake Campground has been time (and $24 in campground fees) well spent.  As all the elements of a relaxing day fell into place, Kelly and I took full advantage of 73 degree temperatures and a mostly empty campground.

Following an extended night’s sleep, I ventured outside the trailer this morning to find that we had a new neighbor a few sites away.  To his or her credit, they didn’t make a peep setting-up last night … which is much appreciated.


Under clear blue skies, we ventured out for a morning hike.  Our 3-hour loop trail took us through some rolling hillsides before ascending atop the main ridge-line, and back down again through more rolling hills, and ultimately back into the campground.

Given today’s glorious weather and it being the weekend, the trails were a bit more crowded than yesterday, but nothing I should complain about.  Like us, people seemed thrilled to be outside, enjoying themselves in this lovely park.





The smog and haze around this part of California can be intense.  Amazingly, just on the other side of the ridge-line, as we crested the top, the views were terrible.  There is also a massive draught crushing the state which also contributing to the miserable haze.  It hasn’t rained in months; consequently, dust and other micro-sized elements linger airborne, exacerbating the problem.


 Quickly enough, we made our way back to the “clean” side of the valley and began our descent through the cover of trees and back to the trailer.



Look closely at the photo above and you will see our lovely home basking under full sun.  More and more, I am loving the solar panels I installed this summer.  It’s so convenient to know the house batteries are quietly sipping energy while we are out playing.

Returning to the Airstream, we had a mostly lazy afternoon and evening.  We both did a bit of work this afternoon, but not too much such that it took away from our day.

Hey … almost perfect.

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  1. The Sippapotomous #

    Sweet Solar Story

    January 26, 2014
  2. Sounds like a great day. There is no rain in California and we are getting dumped on in the Midwest. I am glad the solar is working out. Your post was helpful. I am looking at a similar setup in the future. I hope you have many perfect days moving forward.

    January 26, 2014
    • Good luck with your solar project/install … you will really love it. Just be sure you’re honest withy yourself re: energy consumption and then size your battery bank accordingly. _dave

      January 27, 2014

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