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Not Quite As Planned

Generally I limit updates to this blog to those topics related our travels – the places we go and things we see while on the road.  Sadly, adherence to these rules has resulted in the deafening silence that is the 62 days since I last posted any content.

The winds of change can be a real pain in the ass … and for Kelly and me, the changes are wreaking havoc on our travels.  Twice this year we have prepped the trailer for travels, only to cancel each trip.  Mostly, work is the culprit, but three root canals between the two of us are not helping matters.  More, in what might be the most pathetic reflection of our travels so far this year, the single trip we’ve taken in 2014 was necessitated by legal requirement to visit a trailer-friendly DMV office about two hours from our home base in Half Moon Bay.

In a bitter twist of irony, the California DMV is to be credited for enabling the only quick weekend trip we’ve managed to squeeze in this year.  Although to be completely forthcoming, the DMV did collect $1,100 from us in the process.  I’m still not sure who got the better end of that deal.


Mabel collecting clutter … wishing to be elsewhere

Realistically, there will no trip anytime soon – work is too hectic for both Kelly and me for the foreseeable future.   Mabel continues to sit idle, and like Kelly and me – wanting badly and waiting anxiously to be on the road exploring.  At the moment, we travel vicariously (and with jealousy) via a variety of travel blogs and Instagram feeds – all the while, grasping tightly onto plans for a mid-May rendezvous with our fellow Airstreaming pals Brian & Leigh in Oregon … a place that makes everything better.

In between now and then, things will continue to be chaotic.  Odds are good that my job will send me abroad to India and Germany for a period of  3-4 weeks while I also do my best to settle into a new role resulting from a recent promotion.  Keeping up the tempo herself, Kelly is also basking in the joys of a recent promotion and other work accolades, doing her best to juggle the work of two – possibly three people.

Like I said, things are hectic.

Despite all of this, I remain optimistic that things will be okay and Kelly and I will again find ourselves course-corrccted, and soon enough back onto our preferred path.

Yesterday, my boss and I were chatting about the importance of momentum in sports.  Specifically, how momentum can be an incredible force – something capable of propelling a team down 20 points … and seemingly left for dead at halftime, forward to victory.

To be clear, Kelly and I are not down by down 20 points (and I hope no one has left us for dead), but we do need to get momentum once again back on our side before the game begins shifting from feeling to actually being out of reach.  If we can keep the game close until our trip to Oregon, I think we’ll have a good chance of regaining momentum for the second half of this year.





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  1. Roger & Jenny Cayce #

    One of the sad realities of life is that most of us need to work hard to be able to play hard. From what it sounds like your work portion of life is going well. Congratulations on both of your promotions!! Keep up the good work and the play will follow soon enough. We too have been putting too much time into working, especially for being “retired”. Oh well, Hope to get out on the road again soon and if all goes well maybe we will cross paths again in the near future. Roger & Jenny

    March 29, 2014

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