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Airstream For Sale



In 2012 Kelly and I bought an Airstream.  About a month later, that trailer became our full-time home, facilitating countless travels to wonderful places, which in turn afforded us a lifetime of memories.  Kelly and I have recently moved to Denver, and will be transitioning into a new, smaller adventure rig set-up.  Rather than keep our trailer parked indefinitely in the backyard, we’ve decided to sell it, allowing another owner to enjoy the outdoors and begin creating memories of their own.  This Airstream is turnkey ready for full-time living or any off-grid adventure.  With included extras, a buyer will simply hitch-up, drive away and immediately begin enjoying adventures.  Heck, we’ll even fill the freshwater tank with water and include a roll of toilet paper!

We are original owners with a clear title.  More, we can provide all original manufacture purchase documents and owner manuals, as well as receipts for all upgrades and maintenance history.   The interior is in excellent condition and we are non-smokers.  The exterior is in good condition with typical wear and tear; there are some minor scratches and a few small dimples.

Numerous upgrades valued over $30K include:

  • Ultimate Airstream custom Grand Lounge revised layout*
  • Custom residential queen-sized, ventilated bed platform plus brand new (never used) mattress
  • 600 watts of solar w/ panel tilt bars**
  • 400 amp hour lithium battery system**
  • 3,000 watt Magnum hybrid inverter/charger powering every interior/exterior outlet**
  • 16” rims w/ Michelin LTX tires for increased ground clearance and weight carrying capacity
  • weBoost cellular signal booster w/ internal & external antennas
  • Custom blackout curtains
  • On-board drinking water filtration system with faucet built into kitchen counter
  • Three awning package
  • Sirius/XM radio w/ CD player and bluetooth
  • Custom fabricated in-bumper 2” hitch receiver, allowing the use of a hitch-mounted bike rack which can be transferred for use on your tow vehicle once you set-up camp.
  • Dual Fantastic Fan vent covers
  • 12 volt outlets added to both bedside nightstands, allowing the charging of cell phones, tablets at bedside
  • Bathroom and kitchen faucets
  • Oxygenics shower-head

Included Extras:

  • Equal-i-zer weight distributing and sway hitch
  • Shore power cables
  • Water hose
  • Wheel leveling blocks
  • Reflectix window inserts

*All custom work has been professionally completed by specialized fabricators/installers.  Ultimate Airstreams, who are affiliated with Airstream, use original, OEM materials which has ensured a seamless aesthetic with the rest of the trailer.  The Grand Lounge revised layout includes a new wrap around J-lounge seating area, desk, bamboo flooring and new countertops.  This layout offers multiple dinette/seating/sleeping/working options, plus the addition of under seating storage and additional countertop area. The tables use telescoping pedestals and are independent of one another. With both tables raised, there is comfortable seating for six.

**The Solar/lithium battery/hybrid inverter-charger is a significant upgrade improvement over Airstream stock offering.  Boondockers will appreciate that the entire trailer – INCLUDING THE AIR CONDITIONER – can be fully powered off grid.

Interested parties, please contact:

View lots of interior and exterior photos here.


Fruita, Finally

I’ve been wanting to ride Fruita for years, and I finally made it here. Joined by my brother in law, this was my first ride in Colorado in years … a bit of groovy, technical flow dirt church on a Sunday morning.

Last Day Volunteering

In what seems like forever ago, last December, Kelly and I applied for, and were accepted as summer volunteers at the #sawtoothnationalrecreationarea visitor center near Ketchum, Idaho.

Somehow, nearly four months have passed since our arrival in May, concluding what will have been our longest pause since launching into full-time travel 4.5yrs ago.

Today was our last day volunteering and tomorrow we say goodbye to this special area (and full hook-ups 😂).



Joined by my brother-in-law, today I completed my first proper bike race in years today. Rebecca’s Private Idaho is one of the most popular gravel rides in he country, and despite the dust and dirt, I had loads of fun riding the 58 mile course.



Sawtooth Mountains


Desperately seeking escape from the Chicago concrete jungle, a few weeks ago my buddy John inquired about flying out to Idaho for a visit.

As one of my long-time besties, bro-code protocol mandates I do all I can to show him a good time. Motivated to ensure his visit would be a good one, I immediately began planning a multi-day backcountry camping trip deep into the Sawtooth Wilderness Area.

UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_1479UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_1472UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_146eUNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_145aSNw0DbDVQtW9iQUzQfifSw_thumb_143bHnazvHqfS0qmxqoeUEigqA_thumb_1438UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_1498R4wjXaBIQ1uWJTNeMwQAhg_thumb_141bpNC4daPRRKWPQiIfnksMPw_thumb_140cUNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_140bIt is humbling being deep in nature’s territory. The mountains are magnificent; they are bold and reign supreme. Wandering the trails, John and I felt small and insignificant.

Beautiful as any image may be, pictures simply do not fully capture the beauty of these remote areas.

Two Wheel Therapy


I awoke this morning to a flood of messages; so many people reaching out in support of Lilly, Kelly, and me. Honestly, I was overwhelmed, and I cannot thank this community enough.

Still not feeling myself and looking for any excuse to avoid the morning, I did what I always do when I need to clear my head. I rode my bike.

With no real route in mind, I simply pedaled. Soon enough I was out of town – past as few secret fly-fishing holes, beyond the remnants of the winter avalanche fields, then into the backcountry towards the pass looming ahead.

40 miles of pedals doing what they do – powering the hum of tires whizzing atop gravel. The process is always a calming one for me. Of course, this scenery helps.

Thank you again for all the warm thoughts.

Goodbye Lilly

picture 1

Goodbyes are tough.

A few days ago, Kelly and I did just that with our dog Lilly.

A combination of age coupled with a handful of related ailments finally got the best of her. True to her stubborn nature, Lilly fought the good fight throughout, but ultimately, she lost the war.

We could have asked Lilly to continue fighting. Likely, she could have done so for a few more months, but Kelly and I knew it was wrong to place such a burden onto her. It would not have been fair to prolong her life at our benefit, over hers.

Despite never saying the word, it was time for the inevitable. Kelly and I both knew it, and painful as it was to accept, it was time.

We were happy to accompany her on a final evening walk through town, along her favorite grassy route, and be there to comfort her during final breaths.

Kelly and I cried a flood of tears at the end. And many times since then.

A universal truth amongst dog owners is a belief that their dog was the best dog ever – Kelly and I feel exactly the same about Lilly.

Thank you, Lilly, for forcing us to be patient. Thank you for leading us down the unexplored paths. Thank you for making us laugh. Thank you for slowing our pace at times to appreciate the scenery immediately at our feet.

Mostly, thank you for being such a wondering and loving member of our family. We will miss you dearly.

Goodbye Lilly.