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The Socializing Tour


People often assume Kelly and I must find it lonely living on the road, but the reality is that we regularly socialize with a diverse group of people.

The past six weeks have been a bit of a whirlwind. We re-entered the States in Montana over Labor Day weekend and now sit in south-central Kentucky.

During this stretch Kelly and I visited with 74 people, four dogs, and two puppies (yes, we made a list and counted).  It was great connecting with family and friends, all of whom graciously found time in their busy schedules for us – many on multiple occasions.

Of course my favorite visits were with my immediate family … the rag-tag group pictured above.  By not living in Minneapolis, Kelly and I are the ones keeping this group two down more often than not, but it was nice to have the band back together for a few weeks.


With the whirlwind tour completed, Kelly and I are now decompressing deep in the woods of southern Kentucky and eastern Tennessee before resurfacing three weeks from now in Asheville for more socializing.


Photo credit @lauracarrollphoto

Function Over Fashion


Function Over Fashion.

As long as I can remember, I’ve held these words true.

Consequently, I’ve never had the nicest clothes, fanciest cars, or grandest house.  But, my life is nearly always practical and efficient.

This week my simple rule has resulted in perhaps our worst camping spot ever.  We’re paying $30 per night to be sandwiched between a constant flow of semi trucks depositing convention center goods on one side, and on the other – freight & commuter trains shake the ground as they rumble along their way.

All of this mind you, beneath a never-ending roar of commercial aircraft descending upon Midway Airport.

However, what this shitty spot does offer is super convenient access to downtown Chicago.

This time next week I’ll again be deep in the woods, far from the hustle and bustle of the city. By then, surely I’ll be anxious for my rendezvous with peace and tranquility.

But first, I’m very much looking forward to catching-up with the city That was home for half of my life.

Thanks Mom


Only a mother would tolerate her son and his wife completely blocking vehicle access to the garage for a few weeks.  My mom is cool like that.

It’s been a great extended visit to Minneapolis, but now it’s time to be moving on.

Campground Showers: Big Sioux Recreation Center


As a full-time RVer I’ve seen my share of state park campground showers.
Sadly, most are old, dirty, and in desperate need of repair.

South Dakota’s #bigsiouxrecreationarea is a nice exception to the trend. While it won’t displace Utah’s Kodachrome State Park from its solid hold atop my #bestcampgroundshower ranking, it’s nice to see Big Sioux campground bring its A-game.

Long Overdue Maintenance


A lot of sweat, elbow grease, and a few beers later, things are once again looking presentable at the tongue end of the trailer.

45,000 miles of road scars are no more … and I’m looking forward to accumulating the next round of travel bruises.

Gravel Grinding


I’m back in my hometown for a few days where there are no mountain trails, so I ride to neighboring smaller towns amongst the cornfields.



Not all mountain bike rides are “epic”.  Some, like today’s are low-key, loads of fun, and also offer the conveneince of a trailhead minutes from your in-laws house.