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Turning Lemons Into Lemonade

IMG_7988 - Version 2

Kelly and I initially registered our Airstream with the California DMV in July of 2012.  The process was a fiasco, as the workers there could not decide how to designate the trailer … body type PTI (permanent travel trailer) or CCH (trailer coach).  In what was an unnecessarily lengthy deliberation, DMV officials feverishly scoured various official looking manuals and appendix guides in search of the answer.

Waiting helplessly and quite frustrated, I used my iPhone to quickly navigate to a FAQ page on the DMV website in search of answers.  About 90 seconds later I was able to confirm CCH was the proper designation type.

No matter, the team of DMV all-stars concluded that PTI was the correct designation, and soon thereafter issued Kelly and me PTI license plates.

Today, I finally put the matter to bed and corrected the issue, but not before first driving 75 miles from my home to the nearest DMV wherein I was able to secure an appointment before a February-2nd deadline as imposed by a not so friendly, late night encounter with a California highway patrol officer a few months ago.

An hour of my time and one $1,140 re-resgistration later, I was on my way.  A not so wonderful way to start a Friday.

Looking to salvage a shitty start to our Friday and weekend, Kelly and I quickly set our attention to Coyote Lake Campground (CLC), a park we’ve visited before

Lacking a reservation, but assuming there would be ample availability, we drove to the park in hopes of securing a spot for two nights.  Incredulity, the park is nearly empty.  In fact we have an entire giant campsite loop all to ourselves.   Situated only 20-minutes from the headache-inducing DMV, CLC is currently a serene oasis.  

Perhaps we are the only folks braving the 68 degree “winter camping” temperatures this weekend?

Kelly and I plan to park ourselves here until Sunday before venturing back into the real world.


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  1. John #

    68F winter camping? My bike commute will be -15F. I need to relocate.

    January 26, 2014
    • -15! … exactly why I left the midwest. 35years of brutal winters was enough for me. _dave

      January 27, 2014

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