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Posts from the ‘On the Road’ Category

Thanks Mom


Only a mother would tolerate her son and his wife completely blocking vehicle access to the garage for a few weeks.  My mom is cool like that.

It’s been a great extended visit to Minneapolis, but now it’s time to be moving on.

Rest Stop


At 9hrs, yesterday’s drive was a big push for us, perhaps one of our longest.  Still not where we needed to be be, we decide to overnight at an interstate rest stop.

In a perfect world, we prefer to limit our drive days to 2hrs max, our rationale being why rush from here to there when everyday is just another day on the road?  By  comparison, I’m guessing such an effort is nothing for these big rigs shadowing us.

I didn’t get the best night of sleep, but I caught a lovely sunrise this morning.

Noyo Harbor


Tonight we crash at a small campground steps from Noyo Harbor. Movie aficionados will recall Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell sailing out of this harbor at the end of their (classic) movie Overboard. These days the harbor is basically a staging place for crab fishermen.


Road life as telecommuters is full of compromises.  For example, today is a travel day and we had to check out of the campground well before the end of our work day.   This being the case, we drove into town (Chamberlain) and found a shady spot under a tree within a nice quaint residential area.

As you can see in the picture above, Kelly is comfortable inside the air-conditioned truck conducting an interview while I sit in a lawn chair under a tree fending off unrelenting horse-fly attacks … which is nothing compared to the swamp-ass I seem to be developing in this humidity.