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On the Road Again

Once again Kelly and I are on the road; our second trip in as many weekends.  Following a quick work week in Half Moon Bay, last night after dinner we hitched-up Mabel and began venturing northeast, driving about 90 miles, enough to be fully beyond the reaches San Francisco metro traffic.  We’re headed towards southern Oregon where we will be meeting-up with friends in a few days, but not before we partake in a bit of dry camping on BLM land.

We awoke this morning, not knowing were we would land for the weekend.  This being the case, Kelly commenced a bit of internet research while I was driving and fairly quickly decided that Pit River Campground would be our ideal location for two nights.

Pit River Campground entrance sign

Welcoming us to the campground

Like most BLM sites, this campground is low on amenities, but flush with nature and is very peaceful – just what we wanted.  There are only seven sites in the campground, each secured on a first-come, first-serve basis.  We chose a site with full sun then quickly got ourselves situated.

Our site

Our site

Interestingly, even on this long holiday weekend not all sites are taken.  A major State park offering 128 campsites is located about 20 miles away and I suspect most of the crowds chose to park themselves there, which is fine with Kelly and me.  Btw, the fee here is $8 per night.  Our friends 20 miles down the road are paying four times that, plus online booking fees.

Our site from above

Our site from above

Following a quick lunch, we took Lilly for a walk which also served as reconnoissance of the immediate area.  Unless you are keen to fly fish, there’s not too much to do or see within the campground.  That said, the water is quite nice and left me yearning for a canoe – although in this section of the river a kayak is probably a better option.  When the day comes that we hit the road as full-timers, I will be lobbying hard for a canoe.

Banks of the Pit River

Banks of the Pit River

Pit River from above

Pit River from above

WiFi connectivity is fabulous here.  Tethering my iPhone, I pull five bars (-69db) of AT&T at 3G speeds when using my Wilson Sleek (three bars without amplification).  Sadly, the Verizon signal is just ok, which is too bad because 4G LTE speeds would be a luxury.  Regardless, I’ve been streaming music all afternoon and evening with no problems and these blog pictures are uploading quickly enough.  I will definitely keep this location in mind the next time Kelly and I decide to work remotely for a few days.

Speaking of the quick internet connectivity, I spent a bit of time online after dinner and found a few places to explore tomorrow, ensuring we’ll have plenty to keep us busy.  Uninterested in my web browsing, Lilly was instead infatuated with all the critters outside.  I think she would have willingly jumped through the window if not for the screens.

Lilly, watching squirrels

Lilly, watching squirrels

At one point, Lilly moved to the bedroom windows, allowing me to make a play for the couch.  She was not pleased to lose her place and as evidenced within the image below, was determined to minimize my enjoyment of any relaxing.

Lilly, undeterred

Lilly, 100% in my way

I’ll probably cement my revenge by denying her dog treats tomorrow.

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  1. So funny about Lilly! Emma tends to hog our couch and would sit on the top of them to watch squirrels, too. She is very pushy when we take her spot, as well! 🙂

    May 26, 2013
    • what is it with these dogs of ours … taking up waaaay too much space. 🙂

      May 26, 2013
  2. Anonymous #


    I browsed your browse and was a bit surprised you could only pull 5 bars of AT & T. When Sandy and I were out there 10 days ago I pulled 7 bars of AT & T and @ 7G speeds. Gad-zooks the pictures were just flying onto the screen. I have not yet experienced a “Wilson Sleek”, but have experienced a “Marty spit from my deck in Rapid”. Verizon! Ha, best dump that baby, it has no future!!!
    Seriously, great pictures and great adventure. Enjoy.
    Please greet all my friends in Ashland.
    All is well on this end, except the cat continues to live. My prayers remain unanswered.


    May 26, 2013
    • Gene – 7 bars AND 7G speeds? Lucky you, I wasn’t aware that 7G existed … I must be behind the times with my technology.

      May 26, 2013
  3. Anonymous #


    I just became aware of 7G’s. With you working full time, and myself with my leisure, I just continue to update my technology prowess. It was a bit difficult because of the geo-therman restrictions on the Verizon framus. However, If you just turn the optimal dial on the power-pressure night-time gage, to the number 2.3789, I think you will have more success. I know it sounds like an episode from Star Trek, but trust me on this one.
    If, in the future, you become perplexed, just let me know and I’ll see if I can assist.
    Now, back to watching TV. You know, turning channels is a real chore, having to get up from my seat each time. I wish someone would invent a channel changer.

    Enough of this.

    May 26, 2013
  4. Beautiful campsite, it’s now on my todo list.

    May 29, 2013

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