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One Last Hurrah

IMG_2407Nevermind all the dirt she brings home or the 24 hours of sand in her poop, Lilly loves the ocean.  For nearly two months, our daily walk passes by steps descending  to the beach.  Lilly know that once her paws reach the sand, only 50 yards separate her from the Pacific – the place she can chase sticks and dig.  A mad dash to pure joy.

Every time we approach those steps, Lilly looks back at Kelly and me with hope that we will grant her wish – a chance to frolic on the beach.  Far too often for her preference, and with no shortage of guilt on our part, we walk past the steps,  continuing along an asphalt path.

As I begun preparing the trailer for travel mode earlier today, I could not help but find it disappointing on my part to deny Lilly one final visit to the beach.  Today we are leaving the coast and I have no idea when we will be back, no real guess when Lilly will again taste the salt water.  I do not know when I will have another opportunity to watch the sunset glitter over the water as she and I play fetch.  Realistically it could a year, perhaps longer.

Of course I had to take her.  It’s possible I had more fun that she did today.


Doggie Pedicure


We’ve tried just about every method, but Lilly simply hates getting her nails trimmed.  As a rule, trimming nails with a grinding wheel goes over best, but is still not without occasional hick-ups.

Today we made an appointment to have Lilly’s nails trimmed and upon arrival noticed technician would be using a hanging harness, the first time we’ve ever seem such a technical employed.  As evidenced in the picture above, Lilly didn’t quite know what to make of the situation.  This reality, combined with ninja-like efficiency by the handler made for super easy trimming from my perspective, but I suspect Lilly still hated the process.


Thank You Fortuna


Over the weekend we relocated from Alfred A. Loeb State Park to Harris Beach State Campground, a quick 20 minute drive away.  Reservations are not accepted so I was a bit nervous taking a chance at this park, especially since we would be surrendering such a great spot – one we could have kept another seven days before exceeding the maximum stay limit.  Nevertheless we decided to risk it.

The picture above confirms that Fortuna (Roman Goddess of chance, luck and fate) must have been rooting for us, as we managed to snag this sweet ocean view site … on a Saturday morning no less!

Once settled, we took advantage of low tide, walking the beach with Lilly – who immediately began to frolic in the waves, something she tremendously enjoys and which always make us smile.





Barking & Exploring


We rescued Lilly a few years ago and are not quite sure of her age.  We think she is about 9yrs, but cannot say for certain.  For sure, she has aged … the spring in her step is not quite what is used to be and similar to me, there are an increasing number of gray hairs to be found on her face.

That said, bring this dog anywhere near the coast and she finds the spirit of her youth.  She’s very curious and loves to bark at the waves as they break against the shoreline.

Like Kelly and me, she is loving life on the road.



Thankful For These Two



What started as this …

Transitioned to this …

Which then led to this …

On Patrol


Pushing west towards Colorado, we are back at our favorite Black Hills campground for the week.  Kelly is in San Francisco for the week, so it’s been just Lilly and me the past few days.  All is good through – I’ve been fortunate to have great neighbors supplying me with good conversation, they’ve fed me, and they have a big lovable dog that Lilly has completed ignored.

Speaking of Lilly … it seems she too has embarrassingly levels of adoration for this quickly campground – albeit less for its laid-back vibe and surprisingly nice bathrooms.  For her, this place is all about the field grasses steps from the camper.  Undeterred by aging barbed wire fencing, she is having loads of fun stalking field mice who dare enter her turf.

Fear not mice … Lilly and I are leaving tomorrow; the reign of terror will be ending soon.