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Creature Comforts

When I lived in Seattle I once heard a funny anecdote:  San Francisco is the mistress, Seattle is the wife.

While I do not speak for all, it seems that many Seattle residents maintain a fair bit of romantic fantasy for San Francisco, but quickly revert back to the pragmatic realities of Seattle.  And so it is, many Seattleites escape to San Francisco, only to return the Emerald City of theirs which does not judge, instead knowing and loving them for who they are.

For better or for worse as the agreement goes …

As a big fan of Seattle myself, I never fully appreciated such perspective until I moved to the Bay Area.  And while I am no huge fan of this “city by the bay”, I hold no reservation admitting my fondness of the weather here in Nor Cal.

Sure, there is some fog to tolerate at times … even occasions here-and-there wherein I must don a stocking cap.  However, having spent the past ten days dodging abnormally large sized and incessant droplets of rain in 40 degree temperatures, Kelly and I were quite pleased with the weather which greeted us upon our arrival to sunny Nor Cal.

Blues skies and 60 degrees.

I don’t even own an umbrella anymore.

Bay Bridge – approaching San Francisco

 And so it is, we’ve completed another trip today, 2100 miles later, glad to be home.  Summary details can be viewed below.

As much as we love the travels, sometimes it’s nice to be back.  There can be comfort in a routine, that which is familiar … so long as we continue to shake things up frequently enough such that routine do not become an inescapable rut.

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  1. Anonymous #

    Happy you are home safely. Lily dog has the right idea. Bottom line, home is home and truly where your heart is at the current moment. Bainbridge is but a cog in your journey and a building block of your excursion through life on Earth. Enjoy! Love you both

    November 28, 2012

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