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Date Night

A few years back, my buddy John introduced me to the band Pink Martini.  John had recently discovered this band himself, and as he is a giver, he passed along this new-found knowledge to me.

I cannot thank him enough, as over the years I’ve come to adore this self-described “little orchestra” from Portland, Oregon.  (btw, just another reason to love that town).  If someday I was forced to forever limit myself to a single band, I’m not sure which I’d pick, but Pink Martini would definitely wound make my shortlist of contenders.

Photo from

Photo from

And so you can imagine my delight upon learning that Kelly had secured a pair of tickets to attend last night’s Pink Martini show, their hosts being the San Francisco Symphony.

Image 1

I’ve seen Pink Martini once before – a few years back in Milwaukee.  That show was great and I’ve always wanted to attend another, but the timing had never seem to work for me.

Until last night.

Cameras are strictly prohibited in Symphony Hall, but I managed to steal a few shots of the encore with my iPhone.

Image 2


The video above reminds me of a holiday dance scene below, which I captured a few years back on Christmas Eve in Florence, Oregon.

Anyway, Kelly orchestrated a fabulous evening – the perfect belated birthday gift really.  I’m still a bit giddy in my Pink Martini hangover.

She’s good like that.

My hostess for the evening

My hostess for the evening

PS – earlier this year, the CBS program SUNDAY MORNING featured a great piece on Pink Martini.  Click here to watch.

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  1. Anonymous #

    Great to hear. Careful though, this group may be related to the lip-syncting, Nilla-Manila. Are you sure they are really singing? Actually I hope you never find out since it took Kelly at least a decade to get over loving the singing of her favorite group, only to find out they weren’t singing!
    Life is full of “bumps”. I sincerely hope the Pink Martini is not one of them.
    And please remember, if you wake up one morning and it appears that your butt crack is disappearing, STOP USING BAY OF ALAYE ANTI-WRINKLE CREAM.!!
    Keep the faith. “HI” to Green Light.

    November 30, 2012

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