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Flock of Seagulls

For those friends and family of ours who think that California is nothing but lots of sun and loads of shine, please think again.  This past week Mother Nature has been in quite a foul mood – the result of which has been an incessant deposit of rain and accompanying strong winds.

Generally, the weather sucks. There really isn’t any other appropriate description to offer.

Unlike Kelly and me, the coastal bird populations seem to flourish in these otherwise wretched conditions.  Not to be confused with this Flock of Seagulls, I came across an actual flock of seagulls earlier today that appear to be relishing the rains.  Happily munching on any earthen creature unable to maintain safely beneath the cover of surface, I was witness to Darwinism firsthand, courtesy of all these birds.

Birds munching

Birds munching

Not to be overshadowed by the birds, the grounds crew at the Ritz Carlton has made use of all the extra water.  Raising the degree of difficulty nearing the 18th green, any golfer willing to brave the elements this week must be mindful of a newly introduced hybrid bunker/water hazard.

Not your usual sand trap

Not your usual bunker

Golfers beware, Darwinism usually win.  Refer to Rule 25-1b as needed.

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