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From Cabela’s to Walmart

Having awoken in a big box store parking lot this morning, we traveled 571 miles today only to find ourselves back in another big box store parking lot – our host this evening being Walmart in Red Bluff, CA.  It appears that we’ve come full-circle within some bizarre retail dry-camping merry-go-round.

Tomorrow’s itinerary calls for a route just over 200 miles; we are both so ready to be done with all this driving.

I’ve heard that many who travel full-time frequently limit their travel days to 100 miles and I’m beginning to really appreciate the wisdom of such an approach.  Sadly, Kelly and I do not have that luxury in our schedule.  All things being equal, today’s drive was pretty uneventful.  It could have been worse, so I will stop complaining.

Crossing the border into Oregon, Kelly decided to snap a few pictures of downtown Portland, one of our favorite cities.

Approaching the Oregon border

Always very happy to enter Oregon

Hmm, what is Kelly capturing here?

Fremont BridgePortland Convention Center spires

About two hours south of Portland, we stopped in Eugene for a simple lunch and a visit to the local dog park.  Lilly is a big fan of  the park as she is able to hunt gophers and chase her tennis ball.  Selfishly, Kelly and I like these dog park respites as doing so provides Lilly the opportunity to run like crazy and burn off some pent-up energy.

More fetch please

Lilly’s preferred post dog park recovery activity

I did all the driving today and find myself feeling much like Lilly in the picture above – tired and ready for some sleep.

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  1. Lilly is such a cutie. Our girls get so tired after running around, too. We’ll often seek out dog parks on our road trips (also because our oldest won’t do #2 while on her leash- such a diva, that one).

    I’m glad I found your blog. I’m loving it!

    November 26, 2012

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