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Thankful the Rain Has Stopped

The rain continues here in the Seattle area.  While the pitter-patter rhythm is soothing atop the metal Airstream roof, I’d prefer the rains to cease.

I am a guest to the area after all; is a desire for pleasant weather during my stay unreasonable?  Less the mild temperatures, Mother Nature has not been the most welcoming host thus far into our trip.  So rude.

Today, however, has been different.  Probably sensing my frustrations, Mother Nature seems to be frowning less this morning.  The sun is not yet shining, so I doubt she’s smiling, but at least the rain has stopped.  I wonder will she at least grin today?  A break in the clouds would be so nice.

Perhaps feeling a bit guilty for her previous lack of hospitality, a truce may be in the making – enough so that I (and the beachfront homes neighboring the campground) are able to catch of glimpse of my old friend Mt. Rainier.

While I’d prefer some sunshine, I am thankful for this rain-free bliss here in the PNW.

Mount Rainier

Waterfront homes adjacent to the campground

Enjoying a sun-break


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