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Bittersweet Ending

Mabel basking in the morning sun

Under partly-sunny and beautiful skies, Kelly and I concluded our return to Bainbridge Island today, our first visit since moving away just over a year ago.  It’s been a good week for sure, but the days have passed too quickly and I wish we could stay longer.  It is hard to say goodbye to this place we love.

I must say, our visit has been a real treat for us.  We’ve had many wonderful reunions with friends (and restaurants) across the area.  Being the dork I am, I even delayed some needed purchases until arriving so that I could give the business to my friends over at Wildernest and Poulsbo Running.

I’m definitely glad that we decided to make the trip – all 900 miles one way.  The drive is long, but well worth it in my mind.

One highlight of the trip a was a planned meet-up today with Deke and Tiffani of Weaselmouth fame.  These legendary Airstreamers live in the area and ventured over to Bainbridge for the afternoon.  Both have been super helpful to Kelly and me, patiently tolerating our many emails and phone calls as we navigated our Airstream purchase and it was so cool to finally meet them today.

Of course they are rockstar awesome and Kelly and I absolutely enjoyed their company.

Like us, Deke and Tiffani live full-time in their Airstream but maintain a “home base” location when not traveling.  I’m mentioned before that Airstream ownership brings with it, a strong sense of community and Kelly and I have been welcomed into that extended family.  However, Deke and Tiffani are the first couple we’ve met who live so similarly to us.  That is to say, they do not travel full-time, yet they are choosing to eschew a traditional home for the cozy confines of the Airstream.

Suffice it to say, Kelly and I were so excited to be meeting them and enjoyed sharing stories and exchanging ideas.

Soon enough they had to get going, leaving Kelly and me to begin planning our drive back to Half Moon Bay.  Kelly suggested we pack-up and get a head-start on the drive, which is exactly what we did.  As I type, we are dry camping at the Cabela’s parking lot in Lacy, WA … located about 70 miles south of Bainbridge Island.

Quietly resting at the otherwise giant Cabela’s store

We’re planning an early start tomorrow and will be covering a lot of miles.  I’m hoping to convince Kelly to share the drive duties with me.

Hey, there is a first time for everything.

Thankful the Rain Has Stopped

The rain continues here in the Seattle area.  While the pitter-patter rhythm is soothing atop the metal Airstream roof, I’d prefer the rains to cease.

I am a guest to the area after all; is a desire for pleasant weather during my stay unreasonable?  Less the mild temperatures, Mother Nature has not been the most welcoming host thus far into our trip.  So rude.

Today, however, has been different.  Probably sensing my frustrations, Mother Nature seems to be frowning less this morning.  The sun is not yet shining, so I doubt she’s smiling, but at least the rain has stopped.  I wonder will she at least grin today?  A break in the clouds would be so nice.

Perhaps feeling a bit guilty for her previous lack of hospitality, a truce may be in the making – enough so that I (and the beachfront homes neighboring the campground) are able to catch of glimpse of my old friend Mt. Rainier.

While I’d prefer some sunshine, I am thankful for this rain-free bliss here in the PNW.

Mount Rainier

Waterfront homes adjacent to the campground

Enjoying a sun-break


In Spite Of the Rain

Yesterday’s stop in Eugene was productive – I got a good amount of work completed and our Airstream upgrades were completed as planned.

Until very recently, our thinking was to install a solar panel solution which would be installed by a well-regarded RV solar specialist located in Eugene.  Our installation date was Nov-19, but as the date approached we found ourselves increasingly struggling to finalize our preferred solution.  Ultimately we significantly scaled-back our plans, instead modestly upgrading our electrical solution without any solar, but we did  buy and install upgraded batteries and a charge controller.

Actually, the service guys at George Sutton RV did the work and they did a great job.

These new batteries are taller than those that came with the trailer.  Consequently, we had to have our battery box modified.  The solution was to enlarge the box by dropping the bottom a few inches and then re-attaching with fresh welds.

New batteries – Trojan T-105, 6volt wired in series at 12volts

Modified battery box, now about 2″ deeper.

Following our stop in Eugene, we made it Bainbridge Island late last night.  It’s been raining cats and dogs in the Pacific Northwest lately and arriving to our campsite – even in the dark – it was immediately clear that our chosen destination for the week may necessitate reconsideration due to massive flooding.  A quick look revealed that some spots seemed possible, but in the dark of night it was hard to confirm whether we could use the park as our base this week.

We were pretty tired following a long drive day, so we opted to park in the shallow waters of the parking lot and defer any decision to the morning.  Then, we awoke to this…

Water everywhere

Only one other camper in the park

After conferring with the park ranger, we settled into a nice spot – level and flood free.

It continues to rain, but we are optimistic the spot will work for us.  Fingers crossed…

Our spot in Fay Bainbridge Park