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No Dogs Allowed

Kelly and I have become increasingly frustrated with all the NO DOGS restrictions here in Northern California (NorCal as the hipsters call it).  Coming from Washington state, we were accustomed to bringing our dogs along to hiking trails pretty much wherever we desire.  I guess we were spoiled in that sense.  Too bad the same cannot be said around here.

Our dog Lilly loves to join us on the trails and we are happy to have her join us.  Unfortunately, here in NorCal we’ve had to pass-up some really neat spots which would have otherwise been so cool to visit.  Damn this state.

Today, Kelly and I went to visit Windy Hill Preserve, one of the few open spaces in the area which allows dogs … on leashes.  Actually, we always walk Lilly on lease, so such restrictions are moot for us.  Anyway, the preserves is pretty nice.  Situated midway atop the Peninsula ridge-line, Windy Hill offers a nice mix of tree cover and open grasslands woven into a mostly up and down single track hike.  Outside of the tree cover, temperatures were a bit hot for my preference, but overall a nice hike.

Kelly and I like this place, but as it’s located about 20-25 minutes away, the location is not overly convenient.

Lilly seems to have a super-sense whenever we are headed to a hike and today was no exception.  There is no doubt that she is a big fan of Windy Hill.

A few snapshots from the hike are  pasted below.

Love the bark pattern on this tree

Some interesting art in the midst of the forrest

Lilly, impatiently waiting for Dave and Kelly.

Looking up through the tree cover

Lilly’s post hike routine

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