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Welcome Home

Whenever Kelly or I return to the Airstream, Lilly immediately springs to life and wants to play.  I love that about her personality – she is so playful.

It really doesn’t matter that more often than not, Lilly has been curled in her bed dead asleep … once the door opens and someone new has arrived, she is ready to play.

Generally, Lilly prefers to play catch/fetch with one of two toys – a red chew toy (a bear Kelly has dubbed “Mr. Squeakers”) or her closely coveted tennis ball.  Tonight, as I walked through the door Lilly jumped into action and immediately went for the tennis ball.  As a smaller dog, she struggles to get a complete grip on the ball, but such size disadvantage does not quell her efforts.

Regardless of how my work day may have been, Lilly never fails to lift my spirits and put a smile onto my face.

As Lilly and I were goofing around, I snapped the following picture below.

Lilly and her ball

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