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Saturday Bike Ride

As mixed as I am with living in California, I must admit Northern California (NorCal as the locals call it) is pretty great.  Good weather and lots of opportunity to play outdoors make life here tolerable.

If only the cost of living wasn’t so expensive …

This morning I decided to take advantage of life here in NorCal by way of a 45 mile bike ride.  Conditions were perfect and my route took me through all sorts of topography which included lots of climbing – the kind that can break your spirit.  The ride started nicely enough, southbound along the famous HW-1.  The sun was shining and the normally pushy winds were elsewhere … perhaps enjoying brunch.  About 9 miles into the ride, I turned off HW-1 and headed inland towards the looming hills I would need to conquer in order to compete my planned loop.

Initially, the hills weren’t that bad.  But it wasn’t long before I found myself dragging my ass up a steady grinding hill nearly 20 miles in length.  Like good medicine, I try to convince myself these painful efforts are somehow good for me and only make me stronger.  We’ll see about that hypothesis.

Fortunately, what goes up must also come down.  For me, this meant that 90 minutes of uphill suffering would be rewarded with a glorious decent through ever-winding Redwood forest roads.  As a cyclist, there is nothing better than car-free roads, smooth backstop, and speed.  Lots of speed.  I was fortunate enough to have all three.

Soon enough I was through the forest and again found myself traveling the undulating rural backroads which would lead me back to Half Moon Bay.

I’ve always loved riding bikes and a few hours of bliss this morning reinforced those feelings.  I did stop to snap a few pictures which I’ve included below.


Approaching the hills

Lot’s of people stop at Alice’s Restaurant.  I still had 6-7 miles of climbing ahead and didn’t stop.

Descending from the ridge line.

Making my way home along the rural rolling roads

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