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I didn’t get a chance to take Lilly for a trail run yesterday due to our marathon spring cleaning efforts.  The resulting guilt left Kelly and me with a sense of obligation to ensure we took Lilly out for some fun first thing this morning.  The sun was shining and the temperatures were balmy so  we decided to take her to the beach for a round of fetch.

Off to the races

Off to the races

Returning with her bal

Returning with her ball

Lilly loves the beach and is instantly excited once she sees the fetch-stick and ball combo and it’s all that we can do to contain her enthusiasm during the quick five-minute walk from our Airstream to the waterfront.

Per usual, Lilly had only one speed today – sprint.  Her inability to pace often leaves her huffing-and-puffing something serious.  As a result, every so often Lilly likes to stall by playing it coy.


Keeping her ball safe

Full-on stall mode

Full-on stall mode

But inevitably, her desire to chase the ball returns and she’s once again off and running.

A bit of tug before another round of chase

A bit of tug before another round of chase

Tired and ready to go home

Tired and ready to go home

Lilly had a blast which always places a smile on my face.

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