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Spring Cleaning

Nearly eight months have passed since Kelly and I made our life-altering decision to drastically simplify our lives by way of a major downsizing.  It was not all that long ago we were living in a (by our standards) way too big house we didn’t need or effectively utilize.  Today our Airstream home is 188 Sq Ft of efficient awesome.

But … just like our former big house, our current tiny home does have one significant downside – dirt.

And so it is that today, while most people around here were outdoors in the warm air under sunny skies, enjoying themselves adorned in shorts and flip-flops, protected with a fresh lathering of sunscreen, Kelly and I spent the day – all day – scrubbing the interior of our home on wheels.

Doing our best to look like trailer trash

Doing our best to look like trailer trash

Once we had most of our crap possessions outdoors, it was time to get busy cleaning. Today’s activities were not cursory in nature – they were nothing short of thorough and complete.  Every surface was scrubbed – walls, floors, and ceilings.  All drawers, cabinets, and nooks were emptied and washed.  Nothing was excluded from the fun.


Scrubbing the pantry

Kelly even washed the curtains (and initially re-hung them upside down).

Clean curtains hung upside down

Clean curtains hung upside down

Not to be outdone by Kelly’s efforts, I tackled each of the two fantastic fans.  We run our fans often and despite my on-going efforts to minimize the accumulation of dust, the amount of crud removed was disgustingly nasty.  Each was disassembled and wiped down.  Now, I’d have no hesitations eating off either one.

Main fan body assembly

Main fan body assembly

Content with the outcome today, I write this posting fully appreciating our efforts … and the satisfaction that our home is once again crazy-clean.

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  1. Anonymous #

    When we left Eau Claire, we hired a woman, with a known professional career, who cleans on the side for “fun”. As it turns out, she has Obessive Compulsive Disorder. Cleaning job second to none, interesting choice of outlet for condition. Sounds like your cleaning job rivaled hers. Inspired, well…., kind of.

    March 31, 2013

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