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A Day of Firsts

Suppose I said Kelly did more driving than me today; would it be hard to accept such a statement as true ?

We’ve all heard tales of the unbelievable, a story that seems so unthinkable, its belief remains uncertain until such time there is no denying it’s truth.  And to that end, by of way the indisputable facts as documented within the picture below, all doubts related to Kelly driving with Airstream in tow may hence forth be put to rest.

Kelly driving

Kelly driving

Kelly did great and I was very happy to have the reprieve which provided me the opportunity to evaluate the relaxing qualities of the passenger seat  (it does fine by the way).  Like any Airstream, ours tows very smoothly and I knew that Kelly would quickly vanquish all towing related fears she’s been harboring.

Not unlike yesterday, today’s drive was long and mostly uneventful.  Our route containing a steady diet of I-10 (eastbound) wherein we found ourselves mostly traveling through the desert.  Less a few well-known towns, the area feels empty, quite vast, and offers sweeping views of beauty.

Desert foothills

Desert foothills

Crossing into Arizona, I quickly noticed changes with the road signage.  While I cannot quite put my finger on it, by comparison to California, something seems to be different with the signs here … almost like they are incomplete somehow.

The exit to nowhere

The exit to nowhere

While Kelly drove, I spent lots of time allowing my mind to wander.  Among other things, it dawned on me that today would  be one to remember:

  • the first time Kelly drive with Airstream in tow
  • the first time our Airstream was in Arizona
  • the first time Kelly and I have been to Arizona since the last time we were here.

Unimpressed with the day’s milestones, Lilly opted to focus her energies elsewhere.

Lilly, looking unimpressed

Lilly, looking unimpressed

Fittingly, we arrived to our destination today just as the sun was retiring from its own long day.  The sunsets in the desert are so incredible and I’m really looking forward to more of them during our stay over the next two weeks.

Sunset in the desert

Sunset in the desert

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