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Mixing It Up

I’m guessing that somewhere in this big world, there is a behavioral scientist studying the breakfast habits of married couples.  If so, Kelly and I would mostly likely make for a boring case study.  Everyday we have the same thing – Kelly eats yogurt sprinkled with granola, and I brew a cup of pretentious artisan coffee, followed by a bowl of cereal consisting of wheat flakes mixed with fruit & nut granola.

Today however, our routine of sameness was thrown off its tracks – we passed on all the usuals (well, I did have have coffee of course).  Instead of eating our mainstay, we ordered off menu … opting for fresh baked cinnamon rolls prepped by a local Flagstaff bakery.

The rolls were delicious, and my Monday morning is off to a good start, but I gotta be honest … I kind of missed my granola.

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