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Back To The RV Park

Pushing east into Minnesota this weekend, we’ve arrived to the Minneapolis metro area.  All of my immediate family lives in the area, so this visit affords lots of time with everyone.  I also have a number of friends in the area, so I should be able to catch-up with many of them as well while Kelly and I are here.

While it will be great to be so close to everyone, the downside of this visit is finding ourselves in a massive RV park (I’m guessing there are about 100+ rigs here).  As one would expect with a place of this size, there is no shortage of silly rules to navigate – each a potential landmine in itself, as park staff whiz about in golf carts looking for anyone who might dare breach the policy guide.

Our travel route brings us to Colorado once we leave Minneapolis … something tells me the vast and beautiful bookdocking and a lack of accompanying rules will be a very welcome relief following three weeks in this park.

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  1. We just arrived in Illinois to visit family and I can’t wait to turn the RV around and head back west 😆 We used to love vacationing in the Boundary Waters but after calling the west home for 20+ years, I too am not digging this humidity. Enjoy the family time!

    July 27, 2015

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