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Pesky Bugs

We’ve been settled at Big Sioux Recreation Area in Brandon, SD for the past few days and I continue to be impressed with South Dakota state parks – clean, well maintained, and offer spacious sites.

Kelly and I spent a lot of our youth in this area, so our time here has been busy catching-up with friends and relatives.  I must say it’s been nice to see so many people.

In other news … the heat has broken here in the southeast part of the state and now the bugs are out in full force.  Having been cooped-up for too many days in air conditioning, I was anxious to work outside while enjoying this nice campsite (electric only).  So, in an attempt to level playing field with pesky bugs I purchased this screen room last night ($45 at Walmart).

Because I wanted something highly packable, it is not perfect and only time will tell if this cheap product can withstand the rigor of regular use, but for now it seems to be doing its job helping to keep the bugs away.

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