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Exploring Painted Rock

Yesterday Kelly proclaimed that the agenda would be comprised of nothing.  To that end, we didn’t do a whole lot, although I did a bit of work while listening to the Bears-Lions football game (via satellite radio).  So lazy was our day, I didn’t even bother to  test my new shower head.  (although I did today and can report it is fabulous).

Following the game, Kelly and I decided we were acting a bit too slothful and managed to drag ourselves out of the Airstream and survey some of the ancient sites.  Very close to the campsites are a big collection of ancient rock petroglyphs, which I assume are considered the ‘main attraction’ as there is a day use parking, a picnic shelter, and lots of informative signs (in two languages) explaining the site’s varying history.


Collection of rock painting


Close-up of the rock paintings

In addition to the sites near the campground, we wandered out into the trail network.  The area is largely an extinct volcano site which over thousands of years has evolved into a cattle grazing area, which seems to then have been over-grazed.  Now it’s basically just a bunch of vast land.




Ancient lava rocks




Stay out


Dried mud puddle


Abandoned cattle yard

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  1. This looks like someplace we would like to visit. Loving the scenery. Are the trails dog friendly?

    December 31, 2012
  2. Anonymous #


    Petroglyphs———-HA! That’s where “Green Light” and his comrades used to stoke-up and go nuts with their marking pencils.



    January 1, 2013

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