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Quick quiz … In the above picture, Kelly’s father (Gene) is thinking:

a)   If I added up all of the Snicker bars I’ve eaten, I wonder how many total calories have been consumed?

b)  I just kicked-ass on the golf course … damn I am good.

c)   Who’s cooler – the Lone Ranger or the Green Hornet?

d)  Why in the hell is that Airstream blocking my entire house?

Parked in Sun City West, AZ

Parked in Sun City West, AZ

(While each of these choices are easily plausible, the answer is B)

Today we left Tucson (and our hosts Barb & Steve) and drove to Sun City West in order to spend a few days with Kelly’s father (Gene) and his wife (Sandy).  As illustrated by way of the picture above, we have unhitched Mabel in front of Gene & Sandy’s home during our stay.

Things are pretty quiet around here, so I do not think the neighbors will mind  that our Airstream is occupying so much of the curbside parking.

Empty streets

Empty streets

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