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Day 8: Lazy Day

Today was a pretty lazy day for us.  After of week of coordinated activities, the plan today was to take it easy.

As I was able to find access to the internet, I mostly spent my time in the village relaxing.  I also had ample opportunity to do everything I should not have been doing while in Nature’s playground — scan through my work emails, catch-up on world events, and read through some of my favorite blogs.

It was a pretty nice day.

Kelly, on the other-hand, was far more productive than me.  She visited some of the “less famous” attractions in Yosemite … like the history museum and cemetary.

Everything was on track to be a uneventful day, but then Lilly was stung by a bee, which definitely has put a damper of the evening.  Hopefully all will be better in the morning.

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