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Day 3: Arriving to Yosemite National Park

Our campground check-in time was 12-noon and we were only about 40 minutes away so we took our time getting moving today.  That said, we were anxious to make our way into the park, so before too long we were hitched and once again rolling.

Yosemite park entrance

I’ve seen and read a lot about this place, but nothing compared to actually seeing the park up-close.  It really is majestic.  The scale of the park is nothing I’ve ever seen before; it really is beautiful.

Arriving a bit too early to check into our site, Kelly and I killed some time exploring the area known as Yosemite Village.  Essentially, this is ground zero – the place where gift shops, restaurants, grocery stores, and campgrounds all collide.  A place that is both convenient and horrific at the same time.  Some of the Rangers tell me that the park is quite empty this time of year, particularly on weekdays.

River running through our campground

How far down is the drop …

One of many sheer rock faces in the valley

Interestingly enough, the campgrounds are all quite full.  The real crowds are those visiting the park for day visits.  I’m quite surprised at the amount of parking throughout the broader Village.  Incredibly, during summer months, what looks like ample parking today is often woefully inadequate.

Anyway, our day was mainly about getting settled, reading up on day hikes and reminding ourselves how lucky we are to be  in this majestic setting.

Tomorrow Kelly’s brother Chris arrives with his dog Katie.  Neither of us has seen Chris in a while and we are really looking forward to spending some time with him this week.

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