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Day 1: San Martin to Los Banos (part one)

As mentioned yesterday, we decided to leave HMB in advance of our planned arrival to Yosemite largely because of maintenance work needed in the Airstream.  We took possession of “Mabel” in early July and have been living full-time with her since.  During this time, we’ve noticed a few issues for follow-up:

  • The monitor panel is not reading properly – specifically the fresh water indicator
  • Our bed is a platform, offering storage underneath.  The bed platform itself is supported with two struts.  One of these locked itself in the extended position and would not close.  We removed it upon locking-up but needed a new one.
  • The over the stove hood fuse seems to be very finicky.  There is a dedicated fuse that has failed four times in the few months of usage.

All of these items are covered under the two-year warranty, but dealing with these issues does present a bit of hassle.  Oh well.

The fresh water monitor and bed struts were fixed, but of course, the repair technician was not able to blow the fuse – even with lots of purposeful effort to do so.  Oh well.

Before I could truly let myself begin enjoying vacation, I did a bit work … a few small things I really wanted to get sent out before I go off the grid.  Kelly and I had lunch at Chili’s, I completed my work, and quickly enough we were on our way towards our camping spot for the night – San Luis Reservoir.

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