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Our First Visitors

I’ve come to realize that one of the odd realities about living in an Airstream is that our visitors are not able to actually stay with us.  This has never been an issue until my mom and her husband Ed decided to visit Kelly and me here in HMB this week.  Staring at the prospect of four cramped adults in the Airstream, Kelly and I opted for the easier better solution – book a hotel room for our guests.

It’s the least we could do.

And before you ask … no … I didn’t spring for the Ritz Carlton, despite it being located just a few steps from our RV park.

I may be the most favored child, but I’m a cheap bastard.  Sorry mom.

The alternate solution I decided, would be to secure accommodations at the Half Moon Bay Lodge – a Best Western property which happens to be situated just down the street.  I even found an online coupon which provides Mom and Ed with complementary daily breakfast.  Nice.

Being the good son I am, I took a vacation day from work today and dragged volunteered to drive mom and Ed all over the place as I completed a few errands, all under the ruse of a “tour of the area”.  More, I even acquiesced my otherwise firm rule not to accept help from others, and allowed Ed to assist with the installation of a new set of running boards for my truck, but not before offering a tour of my office, where coincidently, I had the running boards delivered and waiting for me.  Hey, I do not see anything wrong about knocking out two birds with one stone.

Apparently the lack of running boards has long proved to be problematic for others riding  in the truck.  It seems these basic add-ons are desperately needed by ever passenger but me.  Fortunately, the good folks over at had just what I needed.  I was quite pleased to score a set of factory boards which look just like the Ford OEM set, but cost me only $249 shipped, not the $700 my local dealer was asking.

Ed and me sorting nuts and bolts

Ed and me sorting nuts and bolts

Prepping for the installation

Prepping for the installation

The finished product

The finished product

As added bonus today, Mother Nature decided to smile kindly upon us.  The moderate temperatures and partly cloudy skies made for a really nice day.  After completing all items on my our list, we grabbed Lilly and all of us sauntered over to the beach, which happens to be one of Lilly’s favorite locations, especially at low tide when much more of the shoreline is accessible to her.

Lilly inspecting a rock formations only accessible during low tide

Lilly inspecting rock formations only accessible during low tide

Mom and me

Mom and me

Ed and Mom - the Ritz Carlton in background

Mom and Ed – the Ritz Carlton in background

Once Kelly returned from work, the four of us went to dinner and enjoyed tasty eats and good conversation.

Tomorrow we are playing in the city.

Back To Normal

My trip to Germany concluded yesterday and I’m once again comfortably back in HMB.  Other than the usual issues accompanying a long international flight, the journey home was “without incident” – which is to say my mostly uneventful.

Awaiting my connecting flight in Fankfurt

Awaiting my connecting flight in Fankfurt

Once I arrived back to HMB, my first order of business was to make a visit to the auto collision repair shop and grab my truck.  A few weeks ago I had a little incident which necessitated some repairs and I had been putting off that work to coincide with my travels since I would be away.  The repairs were completed wonderfully, and the guys at the shop even washed my truck sparkly clean … which was nice of the given the $2,200 bill.

Repaired and once again looking good

Repaired and once again looking good

Following a 12-hour night of sleep, this morning I took Lilly for a walk and noticed that someone did a bit of vandalism to the RV park signage.  An online search will quickly reveal that the managers of our RV park are a surly crew – certainly not perceived to be a friendly bunch.  The feedback is fair for sure, but the employees here (a family run place) have begun to warm-up to Kelly and me and we’ve not had any real issues to complain about.

Apparently however, others feel differently.

Park signage tagged with paint

Park signage tagged with paint

True to form, I later saw the park manager who was definitely pissed-off about the vandalism.

Personally, I got pretty good laugh out of the incident.

$%*! Happens (again)

Irony is an odd thing.  Just one day ago, I was practically giddy as I wrote about my truck.  Having met all my expectations, it has performed flawlessly over the course of its initial 10,000 miles, doing anything I have asked.  Not once has the truck complained, whined, or otherwise bemoaned that which I have requested of it.

I love that truck.

And so, in what can only be considered cruel irony, this morning I failed to uphold my end of this truck/owner bond.  My behavior today, akin to an amateur, leading to an accident of sorts – I backed into a parking beam as I arrived to work this morning.

I have disrespected my truck.


My poor truck

I’ve seen teenage girls drive better.  I am so ashamed, so disappointed in myself.

Fortunately, the damage looks worse than it actually is; a good thing because Friday night we hit the road once again with Airstream in tow.  Sadly though, during this trip my truck will not look quite as proud as it deserves.  It will not prance as it should.

I have only myself to blame.

Upon return, I promise to make repairs and restore glory as it should be – as the phoenix rises from the ashes, so too shall my black beauty once again claim its proper status as being badass.

I know, dramatic…


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Taking ownership of the truck

Taking ownership of the truck

The picture above was taken on June 29th of this year; I snapped it moments after purchasing the truck.  Two days later, Kelly and I drove to Portland, Oregon and took possession of what would soon become our new home – the Airstream we affectionately named Mabel.

Since that picture was taken, the truck has powered what Kelly and I hope are just the beginning of many Airstream related memories.

Today, with little fanfare or celebration, the truck attained a milestone of sorts – 10,000 miles.  Appropriately, the big moment occurred as I pulled into my storage locker in order to secure a few items in preparation of our next trip.

10,000 miles and other related metrics

10,000 miles and other related metrics

One of the reasons we bought the Airstream was “to get away from it all” by disrupting the routine and  go play outside.  I gotta say, it’s hard to believe we’ve accumulated this many miles so quickly – nearly 330 total hours behind the wheel as evidenced by the picture above.

By my conservative estimates, at least 5300 of these miles are directly attributable to one of the trips below:

  • Half Moon Bay to Portland (1325 miles RT)
  • HMB to Yosemite (812 miles RT)
  • HMB to Ashland, OR (1063 miles RT)
  • HMB to Bainbridge Island, WA (2100 miles RT)

In a few days we will again hitch-up our home and head south for the holidays, our destination this time being Arizona.  It goes without saying, Kelly and I very much look forward to next 10,000 miles and creating many more memories together.