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Titus Canyon


I’ve never been the off-roadding truck/Jeep type.  Rather, I’ve always viewed my truck strictly as a ultitlity – something that carries me and my belongings safely from somewhere to somewhere else.  Definately not a vehicle for pleasure.

This view of mine changed somewhat the other day when my buddy Gus convinced a few of us to go explore Death Valley’s Titus Canyon with him.   It turns out, driving the trail was was pretty fun and I can see how people get hooked driving and exploring deep into a canyon.  The canyon is absolutely stunning and my stock truck did just fine on the trails.

Kelly had a miserable time – way too much bouncing around he her.

The entire time I kept thinking to myself I would have much rather experienced the canyon from my mountain bike – doing so would have really been fun.

And, while the above photos Gus took are great, just image how cool they could have been had he captured me on my bike.




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Taking ownership of the truck

Taking ownership of the truck

The picture above was taken on June 29th of this year; I snapped it moments after purchasing the truck.  Two days later, Kelly and I drove to Portland, Oregon and took possession of what would soon become our new home – the Airstream we affectionately named Mabel.

Since that picture was taken, the truck has powered what Kelly and I hope are just the beginning of many Airstream related memories.

Today, with little fanfare or celebration, the truck attained a milestone of sorts – 10,000 miles.  Appropriately, the big moment occurred as I pulled into my storage locker in order to secure a few items in preparation of our next trip.

10,000 miles and other related metrics

10,000 miles and other related metrics

One of the reasons we bought the Airstream was “to get away from it all” by disrupting the routine and  go play outside.  I gotta say, it’s hard to believe we’ve accumulated this many miles so quickly – nearly 330 total hours behind the wheel as evidenced by the picture above.

By my conservative estimates, at least 5300 of these miles are directly attributable to one of the trips below:

  • Half Moon Bay to Portland (1325 miles RT)
  • HMB to Yosemite (812 miles RT)
  • HMB to Ashland, OR (1063 miles RT)
  • HMB to Bainbridge Island, WA (2100 miles RT)

In a few days we will again hitch-up our home and head south for the holidays, our destination this time being Arizona.  It goes without saying, Kelly and I very much look forward to next 10,000 miles and creating many more memories together.