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Between Here and There

Yesterday after work we left the coast and moved inland about two hours east.  In the process we drove through the incredibly beautiful Siskiyou National Forest, before arriving to a county park just outside of Selma … a sleepy, single flashing stoplight kind of town.

When traveling between where one has been and where one is going, visitors pass through Selma.  In the process, slowing to 40mph before choosing whether or not to pull-off at a small handful of local businesses (grocer, bar & grill, min-mart, gas station, etc.), or focus on how quickly to begin accelerating back to 55mph.

Essentially there is nothing here, except natural beauty.  And there is plenty of it.

This morning we awoke to a virtually empty campground next to Lake Selmac, our home for the next two weeks.


When In Rome

crab (1)


The port of Brookings is the busiest recreational port on the Oregon Coast, generating more than 31,000 boat trips for more than 95,000 people, and is one of the most active harbors for Chinook salmon on the coast.

Oh, and just in case the picture above does not speak to the obvious … there is no shortage of delicious, fresh Dungeness Crab to be had.  Even those who demand ultimate freshness will have no problems buying straight from the boat.

As for yours truly, I’ve been busy sampling all sorts of fresh seafood lately – a treat for me as Kelly routinely curls her nose at any creature who is principally domiciled in the sea.

My advice … if you find yourself around these parts, take break from the routine land-based fare, and treat yourself to some of the best seafood meals you will find.

Forgetting the Taxman

Today we paid our 2015 taxes – ouch!

To quickly move past the pain of writing checks to Uncle Sam and the State of California, we hiked a lovely coastal trail in hopes of losing ourselves in more of this beautiful Oregon coast.


Thank You Fortuna


Over the weekend we relocated from Alfred A. Loeb State Park to Harris Beach State Campground, a quick 20 minute drive away.  Reservations are not accepted so I was a bit nervous taking a chance at this park, especially since we would be surrendering such a great spot – one we could have kept another seven days before exceeding the maximum stay limit.  Nevertheless we decided to risk it.

The picture above confirms that Fortuna (Roman Goddess of chance, luck and fate) must have been rooting for us, as we managed to snag this sweet ocean view site … on a Saturday morning no less!

Once settled, we took advantage of low tide, walking the beach with Lilly – who immediately began to frolic in the waves, something she tremendously enjoys and which always make us smile.