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Mental Therapy


It’s been a particularly hectic work week and I was in desperate need to clear my head fast.

Fortunately we are camping in an area known for phenomenal riding, so I awoke early today and spent a few hours on the bike consumed in a network of trails that I could otherwise easily explore for days.

Just what I needed.

Routine Days

After having gotten a little nutty in Nashville with her co-workers, Kelly returned to a very un-honkytonk campground, husband, and dog.  We did laundry, bought groceries, worked, read, slept … in other-words, we quickly slipped back into our customary nomadic telecommuting routine.


Then, in what I’m describing as a bit of excitement, Kelly suggested we skip a second week at Lake Selmac County Park and move to a county park about 30 minutes away.  Her plan, entailing a move to Schroeder Park came with the added benefit of being situated within the town of Grants Pass itself.  A solid suggestion in my mind, so over the weekend we relocated from one campground to another.

When not patrolling for squirrels or napping, Lilly definitely made the most of the new location – enjoying warm temperatures, mostly clear skies, and abundance of green grass, before taking yet another nap.

Meanwhile, Kelly and I stuck to the routine of our routines.

Three Amigos

With Kelly traveling this week on business, I’ve been holding down the fort solo.  Well, not exactly solo … the camp host and his wife are nearby.  But essentially, I’ve had only Lilly dog here keeping me company.

That is, until today when follow Airstreamer owners @gm3sf (center) and @vwilleford (left) arrived to join me for a couple days.  Both are headed onwards to Portland, and like me, are traveling solo at the moment.

And so it is, three dudes, three rigs, and three otherwise differing lifestyles converge temporarily in a simple and off the beaten path county park campground in southwestern Oregon.



(Please) Feed the Animals

When I lived in Washington, my neighbor would talk nostalgically for the town of Grants Pass.  While I’d always made a mental note to get there, not until today had I actually done so.

Arriving earlier this morning, we spent a few hours strolling the quaint downtown district which among other things includes a riverfront city park.   Competing with no shortage of breweries, Dutch Bros coffee stands, and vapor cigarette shops, the park has a trick up its sleeve – attracting patrons by enabling them to get up-close with nature.

Seemingly known as “the spot” to feed animals native to the area, parents who undoubtably would otherwise recoil in repulsive horror when little Jimmie plays in the dirt, have no hesitation handing over fistfuls of breadcrumbs to their little guy, setting Jimmie loose to fend for himself amongst the mob-like herd of pigeons, seagulls, ducks, & geese, all aggressively jostling for their portion of food scraps.

As you would imagine, emotions of the pre-school aged children ranged from smiling ear-to-ear to those with terror stricken faces.   Not one to be left out of the action, I immediately bullied my way into the scrum, mixing it up with kids and bird alike.

Not withstanding my own actions, I can only guess how many social media “moments” are documented daily.

And yes, bird poop was everywhere.