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House of Worship

The US Air Force Academy’s campus is open to visitors, so today Kelly and  I visited.  At the visitor center, I read about the history, tradition, and among other things, was surprised to read how small the student body actually is – averaging approximately 4,000 total enrollment per academic year.

Most college campuses have at least one iconic building or structure, and USAFA is no different.  Cadet Chapel is a stunning structure dedicated to worship for Protestant, Catholic, Jewish, and Buddhist parishioners.

Unfortunately, back-to-back military weddings today prevented us from fully exploring this award-winning building.

Not Fighting Traffic

One aspect of my wondering lifestyle that has proven to be quite handy is mobility.

A few weeks ago my employer entered into negotiations to purchase another company.  I quickly became involved and now that the deal is happening, I am fully immersed in final aspects of HR matters prior to the deal shifting into full-on integration efforts.

Had my house not been on wheels, I would be flying weekly to/from Colorado Springs for nearly a month.  Instead, I simply changed by travel route plans, drove a couple of hours, and parked outside the new office.

Sure, it’s a bit unusual, but the commute couldn’t be easier.

Loving the Yeti


When I was in college (a really long time ago) I used to mountain bike quite a bit.  Then, I began flirting with road bikes … which eventually led to a full-on love affair with skinny wheels.

For the next 12 years I covered thousands of miles, but all of them via blacktop.  But, every so often I caught myself dreaming about a day when I would once again ride the trails with a huge grin locked across my face, and enjoying every minute.

As we were preparing for life on the road, I sold my road and triathlon bikes, and in the process closed a chapter on an aspect of my life I will always look back upon fondly.

Recently, I bought a new mountain bike (Yeti SB95) and lucky for me our current boondocking spot happens to be about 20 feet from a trailhead.

The downhills are awesome.

Waking-Up To Perfect


Generally we try to avoid driving at night – especially when venturing into unfamiliar locations like a mountainous national forest.  But today, knowing that we would be venturing into a first come – first serve destination ahead of a what is sure to be a busy holiday weekend, we decide to go it.

Waking up this morning, it was clear that this boondocking spot about 90 minutes west of Denver is going to be awesome.  Clearly, I have a weekend full of mountain biking and trail running in my future.

Thanks @sethkhughes for the recommendation!