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Two Birds, One Stone

Our camper has 40 gallons of fresh water capacity, which is relatively small for an RV/camper.  Despite our conservative water usage behaviors,  when boondocking we often sit in one spot long enough to easily exhaust the onboard water tank.  This being the case, we carry four plastic jerry cans which allows us to refill any place there is potable water available.

I’ll be traveling for work in a few days so today I dropped-off a few shirts for dry cleaning.  Conveniently they had a water spigot immediately handy and there was no way I was passing on the opportunity to collect 26 gallons of water.

Life on the road …

Who Knew

So it turns out my truck tailgate is the perfect platform for a standing desk.  Also, my “office views” here in San Juan National Forest outside of Durango (8200 ft) are pretty sweet as well.

House of Worship

The US Air Force Academy’s campus is open to visitors, so today Kelly and  I visited.  At the visitor center, I read about the history, tradition, and among other things, was surprised to read how small the student body actually is – averaging approximately 4,000 total enrollment per academic year.

Most college campuses have at least one iconic building or structure, and USAFA is no different.  Cadet Chapel is a stunning structure dedicated to worship for Protestant, Catholic, Jewish, and Buddhist parishioners.

Unfortunately, back-to-back military weddings today prevented us from fully exploring this award-winning building.

Not Fighting Traffic

One aspect of my wondering lifestyle that has proven to be quite handy is mobility.

A few weeks ago my employer entered into negotiations to purchase another company.  I quickly became involved and now that the deal is happening, I am fully immersed in final aspects of HR matters prior to the deal shifting into full-on integration efforts.

Had my house not been on wheels, I would be flying weekly to/from Colorado Springs for nearly a month.  Instead, I simply changed by travel route plans, drove a couple of hours, and parked outside the new office.

Sure, it’s a bit unusual, but the commute couldn’t be easier.