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Function Over Fashion


Function Over Fashion.

As long as I can remember, I’ve held these words true.

Consequently, I’ve never had the nicest clothes, fanciest cars, or grandest house.  But, my life is nearly always practical and efficient.

This week my simple rule has resulted in perhaps our worst camping spot ever.  We’re paying $30 per night to be sandwiched between a constant flow of semi trucks depositing convention center goods on one side, and on the other – freight & commuter trains shake the ground as they rumble along their way.

All of this mind you, beneath a never-ending roar of commercial aircraft descending upon Midway Airport.

However, what this shitty spot does offer is super convenient access to downtown Chicago.

This time next week I’ll again be deep in the woods, far from the hustle and bustle of the city. By then, surely I’ll be anxious for my rendezvous with peace and tranquility.

But first, I’m very much looking forward to catching-up with the city That was home for half of my life.

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