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Enjoying Differences


Originally our travel route had us departing Glacier National Park and arriving to Calgary (Canada) on Sunday.  However, once we saw extended rain in the forecast we ditched that plan and instead decided to take retreat in nearby Kalispell (Montana).

Exploring options we located a retired couple who allow temporary free camping on their beautiful, six-acre property conveniently located close to town.

The homeowners are great and we’ve also met a few other full-timing travelers – all of us momentarily centering our travels around the national park, but ultimately coming and going in various directions and purpose across the country.

These past fourth-eight hours have been a reminder that despite all the cable news noise highlighting the many differences that too often divide and isolate, Kelly and I are fortunate to live as we do.  The diversity of people we regularly meet on the road – regardless of differing ages, social, political, or financial situations – are generally gracious, open, and welcoming.

Free from the noise, Kelly and I are lucky to cross paths and socialize with these fellow travelers, even if only briefly.


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