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Plans Change


Who knew living simply requires so much work.

Since launching into a full-time lifestyle two years ago, Kelly and I have done our best  juggling the logistics of work travel and campsite planning.  My job in particular has been difficult, often introducing stress into our lives – so much so that these days we no longer think beyond a four week period without first considering the intersecting of proximity to the nearest airport, campground reservations, and how much we stand to loose if plans change and we need to cancel a reservation.

Previously I never put any thought into such a thing and in 2016 I tried my best to standardize my time away from Kelly, Lilly, and the trailer to the first week of each month, but that cadence has often been interrupted, shifting forwards or backwards on many occasion.  Most recently this reality impacted us more so then ever before.

Two months ago we thought we would be spending the back-half of January and all of February in southern Arizona.  However, I found myself in the midst of a few work projects requiring that I embark on a bit of business travel, resulting in our travel route taking an unexpected detour. A reminder that mobile friendly jobs dictate our lives more than preferred.

Last night I arrived home (but not without first experiencing a two hour delay), concluding a whirlwind of business travel:

  • 28 of 39 nights in a series of hotels
  • 15 flights criss-crossing the country from San Francisco, Los Angeles, Colorado Springs, Dallas, Charlotte, & Washington DC

Now, I’m back in the Airstream for a while.  Having been ‘based’ outside of San Francisco for the past six weeks, we’ll stay one more week … then finally hit the road towards southwest Utah.

Along the way, if all goes to plan, I’ll successfully avoid an airport and hotel room for the next four weeks.

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