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The All Important Shower


Like many campers, our Airstream came equipped with both an indoor and outdoor shower.  Weather permitting, I much prefer to shower outside.  Not only is there more space, but I feel like I’m somehow more connected to nature.

Silly, I know.

Unfortunately, the showerhead Airstream provides is a total piece piece of shit.  Pathetically, it is made of cheap plastic and offers no ability to control water flow – a feature critically important for water conservation when dry camping.

Knowing something had to give, I devised a simple DIY hack, which has been serving me well.  First, I removed the worthless showerhead, replacing it with a $10 metal (ie – heavy duty) garden nozzle offering a “shower” setting, in addition to a few other selections (mist, soak, stream pray etc.).

Instead of permanently connecting the replacement nozzle to the hose, I installed a simple brass quick connect, and in the process, freeing up already tight space in the shower nook.  I store the nozzle in a bin and simply quick-connect to the hose when desired.

This set-up has been serving me well for about a year with no issues.  More, the entire hack cost less than $20.

Not as easily impressed, Lilly hates how quick and convenient the set-up is to deploy.

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  1. Eugene L. Martin #

    That’s certainly what I would have done, Dave! Congrats, and ingenuity forever.

    Frankly, I had a similar problem with several sprinkler heads in my underground watering system. As you so adroitly put it: “just a piece of shit”.

    My solution: I just installed a series of sprinkler heads (removed the same from several aluminum flower watering cans) and attached a power hose to the watering system which is automatically synchronized with the flushing of the commode in our home. And to make sure the sprinkler heads stays free of debris, I installed a small nail in each sprinkler hole and they are attached to a sprinkler head cover, which is, of course, also synchronized with the aforementioned commode flushing. Hell, when we flush, this watering system goes off like a roman candle. We had to install a sign in the lawn, “BEWARE OF WATER SQUIRTS”.
    At times we just sit in our house, wait for people to walk by, flush the commode, and watch them gyrate. It’s a real hoot—-but as you can imagine with the age group down here, it can be startling for them.

    Well, at any rate I thought I would share my ingenuity.



    P.S. Water bill is atrocious.

    July 30, 2016

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