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Post Vacation Blues

The morning following a trip is always a bit of a drag. The vacation hangover can be a cruel thing – recent events still gelling into longterm pleasant memories combat with practical realities of the routine.

Yesterday Kelly and I returned from a wonderful week in Yosemite National Park. The entire week was perfect, especially the weather. I managed to stay true to my goal of not checking-in with work and the time away seemed to linger.

Then vacation was over.

I returned home and began thinking about what size mountain of unresolved issues await me at work. How many emails will I shovel into various folders before my Outlook Inbox is again free from clutter?

Before I could even get into work, I was greeted head-on this morning with a reminder that my vacation had concluded and that life in the real world is not the same as vacation.

Mother Nature can create spectacular beauty and serenity, but she can also be a real pain in the ass.


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