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Bovine Neighbors


It’s been all cowbells and cow pies since this gang moved into the neighborhood.


Grand Targhee Resort



Located on the west side of the Grand Teton Mountains, I’ve continually heard great things about the mountain bike riding at Grand Targhee Resort.

Unlike many resort bike parks, Grand Targhee and the immediate surrounding area offer many cross-country (XC) trails, which compliment the downhill (DH) specific trails.  As a general rule, I’m definitely a big fan of XC riding and was excited to explore the area.

A couple days of of mostly smoke-free riding at Grand Targhee has been a blast. Yesterday was XC heaven while today I cheated and rode chairlifts to the top for numerous DH runs.

I was really impressed with this small town resort  and highly recommend the area.  I cannot wait to get back (likely next summer) for an extended stay and lots more riding throughout the broader Teton Valley.



Back In the States


It was smooth sailing through the border crossing Sunday morning.

With quick stops in Kalispell and Missoula (Montana) ahead of today’s arrival to our current (west) Grand Tetons location, I doubt we will have any problems re-acclimating to quiet, spacious, and free camping.

But we won’t know for sure until we give it a try.

In the meantime, I’ll continue efforts unwinding my mind off the metric system.


This afternoon Kelly and I said our goodbyes to South Dakota and began making tracks towards Denver.

As much as possible, we try to keep our drives under three hours, but at our typical travel pace, the destination would be a solid eight hours away.  Consequently, we would need to push much further than otherwise preferred.  About six hours later, we decided to lay up for the night in Cheyenne.

Following a quick stop to Chipotle, we let Lilly explore a local park, before settling into our overnight spot at the Sierra Trading Post distribution center.  Literally a giant parking situated next to the interstate, the location is purely functional. … and free.



We checked-in with security staff and prepped trailer … then promptly retrieved our yoga mats.  We had about 45 minutes unwinding awaiting us.