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Whole Guacamole

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Having arrived to St. George, Utah the other day, I’ve been anxious to ride Whole Guacamole, one of my absolute favorite mountain bike trails.

It turns out that I’m not alone in my adoration of this trail.  Each time I’ve ridden here, I’ve spotted cars from multiple states and have chatted with people vacationing in the area just to ride here.

The riding is simply superb; a must ride for anyone visiting the area.

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Riding Moab With Locals


The local meet-up language described the mountain bike ride as “advanced”.

Departing the parking lot, I asked for details about the trail, upon which I was told that a few “flowy” single black diamond downhills would be mixed in.

It’ll be fun I was told.

I’m not going to lie – I strongly considered turning around then, trusting my instincts that when locals specifically call out a ride as being advanced, they mean it.





Four hours and only 20 miles later, this was without a doubt the most sustained technical ride I’ve ever completed. A day of double diamond trails has a way of tempering speed.

I held my own on the flats and uphills, but had my ass thoroughly handed to me on all the downhills.

More humbling … I had a hard time walking certain sections these guys were bombing down with grace and style British royals would appreciate.

I only crashed once.

Nevertheless, I had a great day on the trails.  And, while the accompanying 3,000 feet of climbing may have me limping for days, there certainly were no shortage amazing views.


Settling Into Utah



Photo credit @gm3sm

For the past 10 days we’ve been based in southwest Utah, near the town of Hurricane.  In all honestly, not too much is happening that is not part of our normal routine, but we’ve managed to catch-up with a handful of fellow full-time travelers, some of whom have joined us here on the mesa.

We really like this part of the southwest.  The area has a good vibe and is quickly grabbing hold of Kelly and me.  And, coupled with a need to catch-up on some business travel from a conveniently located airport, I think we will stay here for another month, possibly longer.

In the process, we hope to visit Zion National Park at least once and I definitely plan to get in more time riding the world class mountain biking trails littering the area.



photo credit @gm3


The Great Salt Lake

While visiting Page, AZ was very cool, the internet coverage very much sucked.  This wasn’t a big deal initially due to our stay overlapping with the Memorial Day holiday, but by Wednesday that week we’d had enough – the slow data speeds were driving us crazy and impacting our ability to work effectively.  Knowing that there was a great alternative state about two hours northwest near Zion National Park, we decided to leave Page and relocate to Sand Hollow State Park in Hurricane, UT.

The site worked perfectly for our needs and we had great views of Zion, but … it was a huge bummer to be so close to a fantastic national park and not have time for a visit.

Working while overlooking Zion National Park

Working while overlooking Zion National Park

With a looming deadline in Salt Lake City (Kelly’s long scheduled haircut), we pushed hard from Hurricane and late in the day arrived to Great Salt Lake State Park, which was our base for the week.

Located about 15 minutes from downtown Salt Lake City, this location was conveniently situated, but home to crazy aggressive – and big – mosquitoes.  Further, the lake levels were quite low, which coupled with hot temperatures seemed to be an incubator for intermittently stinky sulfur odors … all of which took away from an otherwise ideal and quaint place to squat for the week.

Brigham Young University

Brigham Young University

University of Utah

University of Utah

LDS Salt Lake Temple

LDS Salt Lake Temple

LDS world headquarters building

LDS world headquarters building

Tasty dinner in Salt Lake City

Tasty dinner in Salt Lake City

Lilly in playing in a river on a very hot day

Lilly in playing in a river on a very hot day

Our campsite at Great Salt Lake marina

Our campsite at Great Salt Lake marina