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Routine Days

After having gotten a little nutty in Nashville with her co-workers, Kelly returned to a very un-honkytonk campground, husband, and dog.  We did laundry, bought groceries, worked, read, slept … in other-words, we quickly slipped back into our customary nomadic telecommuting routine.


Then, in what I’m describing as a bit of excitement, Kelly suggested we skip a second week at Lake Selmac County Park and move to a county park about 30 minutes away.  Her plan, entailing a move to Schroeder Park came with the added benefit of being situated within the town of Grants Pass itself.  A solid suggestion in my mind, so over the weekend we relocated from one campground to another.

When not patrolling for squirrels or napping, Lilly definitely made the most of the new location – enjoying warm temperatures, mostly clear skies, and abundance of green grass, before taking yet another nap.

Meanwhile, Kelly and I stuck to the routine of our routines.