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Thanks Mom


Only a mother would tolerate her son and his wife completely blocking vehicle access to the garage for a few weeks.  My mom is cool like that.

It’s been a great extended visit to Minneapolis, but now it’s time to be moving on.

Camouflaging Suburbia

Pictures can be deceiving.

This week I’ve been working long hours and with Kelly away in San Francisco, Lilly has been not been getting as much  outside time as I would prefer.  Feeling guilty about the situation, I closed the laptop a bit early tonight and took Lilly for a long walk through the nearby trails.

The RV park we are calling home for another two weeks is situated on the edge Woodbury – a suburb within the broader Minneapolis metro area.  Much to my surprise, the urban planning gurus of the past were thinking ahead when approving development plans.  The area is littered with fantastic trails and smaller lakes, all of which create a nice illusion of sorts.  Add a variety of mature trees into the mix and I nearly forgot I was surrounded by thousands of homes … the epitome of suburban crawl that would otherwise make my skin breakout into hives.

Kudos to Woodbury city planning efforts.


As for Lilly … I think I’ve bought myself some time before she begins guilting me into another long walk.