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I arrived to London this morning just as the city was awaking.  I’m Halfway to home.

(Quickly) Exploring London

The total travel time from Delhi to the west coast takes a while – about 30 hours door-to-door.

When booking airfare for this trip to India – knowing that I would be connecting through London, I decided to build in a 24 hour layover into the return leg, rather than continue onwards straightaway with a connecting flight.  With sufficient time to break up my trip and still arrive home on Sunday, I had a good opportunity to leave the airport, grab a hotel in central London and spend time wandering around the city.

I’ve been to London a few times, but don’t know the city well.  Mainly, I wandered for hours with no real plan … exploring the central city with no specific purpose other than simply enjoying a walk before boarding a 12 hour flight back to the US.


London Layover

London Heathrow (LHR) is a major international airport, and British Airways  practically owns Terminal 5, the largest free standing structure in the UK.  According to Wikipedia, Terminal 5 is designed to accommodate 35 million (yes, million) passengers annually – all of whom spend a few hours between here and there, killing time as they await a connecting flight.

Add me to that list … my connecting flight to New Delhi doesn’t depart for a few hours and in the meantime, I sit here killing time in the British Airways lounge.