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Three Amigos

With Kelly traveling this week on business, I’ve been holding down the fort solo.  Well, not exactly solo … the camp host and his wife are nearby.  But essentially, I’ve had only Lilly dog here keeping me company.

That is, until today when follow Airstreamer owners @gm3sf (center) and @vwilleford (left) arrived to join me for a couple days.  Both are headed onwards to Portland, and like me, are traveling solo at the moment.

And so it is, three dudes, three rigs, and three otherwise differing lifestyles converge temporarily in a simple and off the beaten path county park campground in southwestern Oregon.



Between Here and There

Yesterday after work we left the coast and moved inland about two hours east.  In the process we drove through the incredibly beautiful Siskiyou National Forest, before arriving to a county park just outside of Selma … a sleepy, single flashing stoplight kind of town.

When traveling between where one has been and where one is going, visitors pass through Selma.  In the process, slowing to 40mph before choosing whether or not to pull-off at a small handful of local businesses (grocer, bar & grill, min-mart, gas station, etc.), or focus on how quickly to begin accelerating back to 55mph.

Essentially there is nothing here, except natural beauty.  And there is plenty of it.

This morning we awoke to a virtually empty campground next to Lake Selmac, our home for the next two weeks.