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Wandering the streets of New Delhi today I found myself taking respite in City Forest Hauzrani.  One of the few tranquil spots I’ve come across in this otherwise hectic city.  The park also offers shelter for dozens of stray dogs.

28 Hours

Nearly 28 hours ago I left San Fransisco to fly half way around the world to India.  A week from now I will repeat the process, but in reverse.

Smog and More Smog

The smog is thick in Delhi. Really thick.


Stray dogs are commonplace in Delhi – across all my visits, I’ve probably seen hundreds.  Surprisingly, most seem quite calm, but as a precaution I never get too close, as I have no desire to visit an emergency room in a foreign country.

I spent most of today visiting a college campus, participating in student presentations and meeting with various staff and faculty.  However, at one point this afternoon I found myself with about half an hour of free-time, so I wandered outside to check email.

No sooner than I settled in, the dog pictured above decided to join me.  Seemingly self-conscious not to venture too close for my comfort, she sat quietly by my side until I retreated back indoors.

It pains me to see so many stray dogs wandering the streets here.  The dog owner/lover in me wants to bring them all back on the plane with me and give them a better life.