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2nd Nomadiversary


IMG_0006 (1).jpgEarlier this week Kelly and I hit a milestone of sorts – 2 years living as full-time nomads with no permanent bricks & sticks home.  Amazingly, we have been wandering for more than 730 days and along the way, have met so many wonderful people.

Thank you to everyone who has made this journey of ours so special.

Not Fighting Traffic

One aspect of my wondering lifestyle that has proven to be quite handy is mobility.

A few weeks ago my employer entered into negotiations to purchase another company.  I quickly became involved and now that the deal is happening, I am fully immersed in final aspects of HR matters prior to the deal shifting into full-on integration efforts.

Had my house not been on wheels, I would be flying weekly to/from Colorado Springs for nearly a month.  Instead, I simply changed by travel route plans, drove a couple of hours, and parked outside the new office.

Sure, it’s a bit unusual, but the commute couldn’t be easier.

RV Summit

Very honored to be participating in The RV Summit … a free event helping anyone that may be considering the transition into full-timing. So many people helped Kelly and me plan for our transition, and we are thrilled to be paying it forward to others.
#rvsummit #NTTW2015 via Instagram

Counting Down To Launch

For the past 12 months, Kelly and I have been patiently waiting for April-3. As each month passed, we cut it off the countdown list, knowing we had inched closer to our goal of becoming fully mobile full-timers. What started as long-term goal, is now only days away. Friday we leave Half Moon Bay and start our lives living on the road. We have a rough travel route over the next two years and only a few firm location commitments. Mainly, we will be wandering with purpose. from Instagram: