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The Eternity Of Five Minutes


Corpse Pose.  It goes something like this …

“Invite peace and silence into your mind, body, and soul.  Stay in Savasana for five minutes.  To exit the pose, first begin to deepen your breath.  Bring gentle movement and awareness back to your body, wiggling your fingers and toes”.

Yesterday, upon concluding my best efforts to balance, bend, and twist through the practice, my smartphone yoga app again offered me this thoughtful guidance.  And just like always, I struggled with Corpse Pose.

I failed to lie on ground and let my mind completely relax.  I didn’t close my eyes.  I didn’t invite peace or silence into my mind.

Instead, I continued to look high into the sky.

When I should have been taking measures to gradually enter a truly relaxed state, I reached for my iPhone and took the picture above.

Road Fitness

For years, I’ve had gym memberships where ever I’ve lived.  Be it rain, snow, hot temps or cool temps, I always had a safe sanctuary for indoor exercise if I wanted.  As a supplement to running and cycling, a gym membership was the perfect partner.

Exercising on the road is not so reliable … certainly doable, but not as ‘easy’ versus the gym.  Furthermore, fitness equipment is definitely ‘back to basics’ – no fancy machines or giant TV monitors to help pass the time.   Just me and the task at hand.

Today’s mobile gym set-up is pictured above – TRX straps hanging from tree limb and a yoga mat.  Simple, basic, and no bullshit.