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Snow Day

snow pic

We rarely experience snow … never snow storms.  That changed this week when we found ourselves in the midst of a major snowstorm slowly pushing itself across northern Arizona.

Eight inches later — as giddy newscasters interrupt regular TV programming to give weather updates, “snowmageddon” continues to drop heavy white flakes.  Fortunately, we are plugged into shore-power which allows both the dehumidifier and space heater to run nonstop, keeping our little home warm and toasty.

Sedona’s Overlooked Neighbor


Deservingly so, mountain bikers regularly flock to Sedona, Arizona.  Well known as a mountain biking playground, there is no denying the allure of the famous red dirt and stunning mesas.  Include me among the many that will always jump at the chance to ride the area.

But, those in the know are well aware of the awesome, but less known trails overlooking the nearby town of Cottonwood.  Offering a slightly different riding experience, Cottonwood doesn’t bring the vast scale of trail networks one will find in neighboring Sedona, but don’t let that fool you.  I’ve been riding here the past few days and have been pleasantly surprised with the variety of riding conditions, lack of crowds, and immediate access from the Dead Horse Ranch State Park campsites.




Good Times At Dead Horse Ranch State Park

On Sunday Kelly and I traveled about 90 miles north of Sun City West to the town of Cottonwood and set-up shop in Dead Horse Ranch State Park.  Wanting to visit a number of locations in this general area, DHRSP seemed like an ideal, centrally situated location to base ourselves before moving 5 hours(ish) southwest to California’s Joshua Tree National Park.

Our spot overlooking the town of Jereome

Our spot in Dead Horse State Park

Unlike the weather my family and friends in Minnesota, Wisconsin, & Illinois have been experiencing the past few days, Mother Nature has not waved her miserable wrath-of-winter wand anywhere here in the high desert.  Under brilliantly blues skies, daytime temperatures flutter into the low 60’s before giving way to cooler 30’s at night.  Factor in virtually zero wind – the “feels like” effect has resulted in my donning t-shirts, shorts, sunglasses, and plenty of sunscreen while enjoying delightfully blissful conditions.

For those of you freezing-off your tushes elsewhere, you’ll need to trust me that these conditions are quite enjoyable.  Too bad for all of you.

Kelly taking a refreshing reprieve from the heat

Kelly taking a refreshing reprieve from the heat

DHRSP is big, offers loads of multi-use (dog friendly) trails, spacious sites, and surprisingly clean bathrooms/showers.  The park offers water and electric, but not sewer.  Consequently we must display conservative water disposal into our holding tanks when not secretly “watering” the bushes outside our door.

Less the absence of sewer, the situation here is so nice, we cancelled our plans to visit Joshua Tree and we will be staying put through Saturday.

So what makes this place so nice you’re wondering … many things actually.  The park is mostly empty which affords us plenty of elbow room, we’ve fallen smitten for the hipster cool town of Sedona located just up the road, and we have blazing fast mobile broadband directing the internet into our laptops … enabling us to work remotely Thursday and Friday. 

I’ve added a few snapshots from the past few days below.

photo 2 - Version 2





IMG_3587 - Version 2

IMG_3588 - Version 2

photo 1 - Version 2