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Site 25


The plan today was supposed to involve a quick drive from one campground to another, the latter being William Kent, a national forest campground located in popular Tahoe city.

On paper the plan seems sound – drive the scenic 20 miles or so over a beautiful pass before descending into Tahoe City, whereupon we’d set-up shop in a location offering easy (ie- walkable) access to the town.

That was the plan anyway.

In reality what we arrived to was a cramped campground, packed with people, trailers, and no shortage of twisty roads complemented with perfectly (ill)situated trees and boulders which will test even the most experiences drivers.  It would have been fun if I had been playing a video game, not hauling around my home.

In a nutshell, it was a shit-show.

Foolishly ignoring the inner voice advising us otherwise, Kelly and I went about our typical routine – she helping me navigate blind spots using combination of hand signals and vocal commands.  Despite our best efforts, and slightly bent steps, site 25  defeated us today. 

Our first complete parking failure.

With my head hung low, I slowly began the process of navigating the truck and rig back to the park entrance while Kelly sheepishly walked back to negotiate a refund.  And with that we left.


But alas … there is a good ending to this otherwise harrowing story.  

When life offers lemons, why not make lemonade?  And that is exactly what we did by hauling ass directly back to Martis Creek campground in Truckee. 

Now, comfortably situated in a huge site and not dealing with a mob of people or horrific Tahoe City traffic, we find ourselves sipping a cool, sweet, summertime drink.

So F-off site 25 … you may have won the battle, but Kelly and I won the war.



Today’ plan was to relocate from Portola to Truckee, about 45 minutes away.  Our destination was Granite Flat Campground, which upon arrival immediately underwhelmed us.  Oddly shaped, tight sites, and located about 30 feet off a major highway, we were not at all impressed with this campground.

Debating our options, Kelly quickly recalled a recent social media post referencing a first-come, first serve campground about 20 minutes drive away.

Having convinced me eschew the existing reservation at Granite Flat, Kelly and I  rolled the dice – arriving to Martis Creek Campground at 6:30pm on a Friday.  Despite the odds against doing so, we snagged a spot at this sweet campground.

Sometimes the universe throws us a bone.

Lucky us.


Ahhh …


On Friday we pulled-up anchor from the Bay Area and hauled-ass as quickly as we could … our destination being a rendezvous with friends in a rather non-Bay Area like location.  About 4.5 hours later and we arrived to a national forest campground outside of Portola, CA (about an hour NW of Reno, NV) with plans to spend the week with friends.


Away from the hustle and bustle of the Bay Area, and nestled in at just under 6,000 feet of elevation, we are back in our happy place.  With friends and surrounded by a massive mountain lake, clean alpine air, and lots of tall pine trees, this spot is just the first of what will be a long string of national forest campgrounds we will be visiting over the next three months.

Just perfect.

The Shifting Mood Of A Campground


Once again we find ourselves camping at Anthony Chabot in the San Francisco east bay. This place is a bit peculiar as most of the park is dry camping and generator usage is prohibited.  As a result, the sites frequently turnover – often daily, which I suspect is  because most rigs do not have capacity to sustain batteries beyond one or two nights.

Seemingly we are one of the few rigs that have capacity to maintain power longer term and it’s been interesting to observe the mood of the park ebb and flow between weekenders and those passing through during the week.

Soon enough we to will be moving on, contributing to the transient nature of this interesting campground.

The Weekly Cut


When Kelly cuts her hair, she seeks the nearest Aveda salon, which once required that we divert our travel itinerary half a days drive away.  Fortunately, Kelly only cuts her hair a few times a year, and also because we spend enough time in larger metro areas, the nearest salon is generally not too far away.

On the other hand, I cut my hair weekly so my approach is much simpler – step outside and buzz a clippers over my scalp.  More, since I can cut outdoors, the clean-up could not be easier.  The process consumes fifteen minutes start to finish.

I’ve tried to convince Kelly to follow my lead, but she’s not hearing any of that nonsense. And, in fairness, her hair is nicer than mine.

Rest Stop


At 9hrs, yesterday’s drive was a big push for us, perhaps one of our longest.  Still not where we needed to be be, we decide to overnight at an interstate rest stop.

In a perfect world, we prefer to limit our drive days to 2hrs max, our rationale being why rush from here to there when everyday is just another day on the road?  By  comparison, I’m guessing such an effort is nothing for these big rigs shadowing us.

I didn’t get the best night of sleep, but I caught a lovely sunrise this morning.

Pleasantly Surprised

eef10-12725024_1666000243624837_1756870927_n Self promoted as “The Last Great Resort”, Sportsmans RV park is quaint and super chill.

Situated steps from the harbor, this has been a great place to watch commercial fishermen, Coast Guard boats, and whale watching tour boats (hoping to catch glimpse of whale migrations) come and go throughout the day.

Yes, it’s still an RV park, but unlike so many other private parks, this place is about as laid back as one will find and the staff here could not be nicer; a refreshing change of pace for sure.  And while we are still incredibly bummed that state parks in the area remain closed due to flooding, this park has been a pleasant surprise.

Oh, and there is no shortage of fresh seafood … literally off the boat.