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The Shifting Mood Of A Campground


Once again we find ourselves camping at Anthony Chabot in the San Francisco east bay. This place is a bit peculiar as most of the park is dry camping and generator usage is prohibited.  As a result, the sites frequently turnover – often daily, which I suspect is  because most rigs do not have capacity to sustain batteries beyond one or two nights.

Seemingly we are one of the few rigs that have capacity to maintain power longer term and it’s been interesting to observe the mood of the park ebb and flow between weekenders and those passing through during the week.

Soon enough we to will be moving on, contributing to the transient nature of this interesting campground.

The Weekly Cut


When Kelly cuts her hair, she seeks the nearest Aveda salon, which once required that we divert our travel itinerary half a days drive away.  Fortunately, Kelly only cuts her hair a few times a year, and also because we spend enough time in larger metro areas, the nearest salon is generally not too far away.

On the other hand, I cut my hair weekly so my approach is much simpler – step outside and buzz a clippers over my scalp.  More, since I can cut outdoors, the clean-up could not be easier.  The process consumes fifteen minutes start to finish.

I’ve tried to convince Kelly to follow my lead, but she’s not hearing any of that nonsense. And, in fairness, her hair is nicer than mine.

Opting outside


Hey REI, does telecommuting remotely from the woods count as #optoutside ?

Anthony Chabot Campground

Turns out there actually is decent RV camping in the San Francisco bay area.  This week we’ve been enjoying out first time camping at Anthony Chabot Regional Park and I continue to be impressed by regional parks in California.  By comparison to state parks, they are better maintained, better priced, and certainly more dog friendly.

It’s hard to believe we are effectively in urban Oakland’s backyard.